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Profit Potential for Every Kit

Aquapel Glass Treatment will help you increase your average sale per customer, while delivering a high-quality product that enhances your customers' safety. Because customers can see the difference Aquapel makes in their driving visibility, they will be motivated to return for reapplication. Each return visit offers you an opportunity to sell additional products and services.

Aquapel Glass Treatment is an investment in "personal safety," a compelling issue for most drivers. Even drivers of leased or older vehicles who are not interested in investing in vehicle maintenance are interested in improving their ability to see clearly and drive safer.

The Bottom Line

Aquapel Glass Treatment is sure to be a profitable addition to your service lines for the following reasons:

  • No capital investment is needed in equipment or tooling to get started. All you need is the Aquapel Professional Installer Kit and some clean paper towels!
  • One size fits all makes and models, so little storage space is needed for the Aquapel Professional Installer Kit.
  • Aquapel Glass Treatment's self-contained user-friendly applicator is easy to store, apply and dispose.
  • Employees can learn to apply Aquapel expertly in just minutes. Each Aquapel kit comes with easy-to-understand instructions.
  • As long as the weather is clear and temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Aquapel can be applied outdoors, even in direct sunlight, freeing your service bay for other vehicles.
  • Aquapel is priced for profit.

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Contact Aquapel at 1-800-861-4999 (for U.S. and Canada Only), 1-412-995-6487 (for International), or Contact Us.

Aquapel Glass Treatment
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