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Quick Lubes, Car Washes and Detailers benefit from becoming Aquapel Glass Treatment installers

Whether you operate a quick lube service, car wash or detailing shop, Aquapel Glass Treatment can help you increase your average ticket and build a loyal, repeat customer base.

Your customers will actually experience the benefits of Aquapel Glass Treatment long after they leave your service center. Its value is visible every time it rains.

This new "express detail" service provides the following advantages:

  • Helps customers see clearly and drive safer, a benefit that appeals even to drivers who don't normally invest in their car's maintenance.
  • Builds repeat business because it must be reapplied periodically. Keeps customers coming back for Aquapel Glass Treatment , as well as other services.
  • Improves your professional image.

Profit Projections

Based on the following projections:
Servicing 10% of your total car count with Aquapel Glass Treatment

Total Daily Car Count Number of Services Performed Gross Annual Profits with Aquapel Glass Treatment
30 3 $11,185.20
40 4 $14,913.60
50 5 $18,642.00
60 6 $22,370.40
70 7 $26,098.80

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